(You are so stupid, man. Working so hard for this one unachievable thing- is this really all you wanted to do in life? Being somewhat of a criminal? Alright, alright. It is your freedom, and therefore I can't interfene. I just want to tell you that I don't like you in this position, it's painful. You aren't accomplishing any of the goals you're looking forward towards. The "children" aren't "living", you're just forcing life onto them. This is not eternal life. You can't bring back the dead. It's not a possible task. Haha. You could've continued on with a daughter and enough money to live your life. Stop expecting success from an unreasonable idea. Please.)

I hope one day you'll become more mature, Julina.

(Guess that's how you treat children. You don't even treat me as a friend anymore. I try to connect with you by baking food for you, but you refuse to take even one peace.)

(You felt empty didn't you? Didn't you? So much so you forgot anyone who cares about you? I want to shut your mouth so badly.. but I guess I'll never have the guys to do so.)