(Hehe! Haha! Hehe! Haha! "Lmao.")

   June 9th, 2013
Remember to buy
  -2 bags of milk
  -blue and green ribbons
  -1 box of kissel
  -2 bag of pistachios
  -sugar, flour, butter... the usuals
  -icing, just in casy Tayty wanted to bake donuts for the party
  -camp & organization opening party card for my dear КсСния
  -fried fish from joey's
  -food, the usual
  -a pinata? perhaps?
  -dress for Julina, as a gift
I need more time to plan.

(Dooty doot.)

  Howard is a dirty name. 
  Remember to fill out legal name change form on Saturday. Mail to P7B 5W0.
  Thanks for your help, Tayty.

(Thanks! But I did not remember receiving any gratitude in person for that 3 years ago. Hm... Oh, Xay. You love putting all your "emotions" in your diary. I should've peeked into it earlier! There's so much interesting things I could have explored there.)